A School Divided … by Football Loyalties

Therapist Artie Smith, Academic Dean Denise Savidge, and Weekend Manager Andrew Stevenson show a staff divided .... but only when it comes to college football.

Sitting on the very western edge of South Carolina and only a stone’s throw across a river from Georgia makes Cherokee Creek Boys School a very interesting place to be during college football season. Not only are the South Carolina staff divided among University of South Carolina and Clemson loyalties, but there are also inter-conference rivals University of Georgia and Georgia Tech fans well represented among the men and women of CCBS. Now throw in the 20 or so states represented by the boys in their various t-shirts and sweatshirts and football season is, well, competitive.

This past weekend went to South Carolina as Clemson whooped up on Georgia Tech 47-31 in the ACC while University of South Carolina beat up on SEC rival University of Georgia, 35-7. Sorry Artie!

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2 Responses to “A School Divided … by Football Loyalties”

  1. dsavidge says:

    Woof, Woof, Artie. Go Tigers!

  2. Bill Dalton says:

    Nicholas needs to get some love for Notre Dame going at CCBS…we grilled steaks and watced the Irish destroy Miami, 41-3!

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