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Christy Swafford - Boys Boarding School Admissionsby Christy Swafford, Assistant Admissions Director at CCBS

It is so much fun to try new things. At Cherokee Creek Boys School, boys are able to use their creativity with their Medicine Wheel work (from the “Four-Fold Way” by Angeles Arrien), Wilderness Trek adventures, and so much more. They are always coming up with new activities and hobbies they want to explore.

CC Boys Boarding School at Career Center For the majority of the time creative opportunities don’t revolve around academics. Many of the boys have had a lot of school frustrations prior to coming to CCBS. They’ve had a hard time embracing a successful mindset when it involves academics. Once they do, however, they realize that they are capable of so much more than they ever could have imagined.

Denise Savidge, our Academic Dean, and the other teachers have helped the boys bring their creativity to light in the area of academics. The boys have a true love for experiential learning. This was clear seen when several of our boys started going to the Hamilton Career Center recently.

CC Boys Boarding School at Career CenterAt this time, some of our boys are working on a 3-D design program and learning how to use software to recreate a drawing in a book. The class is called Mechanical Drawing. This is the modern version of the “drafting table” that architects used to use.

The second group of CCBS students is learning how to weld.

We can’t wait to see the projects they are creating!

A big THANK YOU  to those at the Hamilton Career Center for their programs and instruction for our boys. They truly are making a difference, and our boys are greatly benefiting from the learning of new skills.

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