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Longtime Cherokee Creek Boys School Teacher Wins Regional Award

Longtime Cherokee Creek Boys School teacher Nick Linscott was awarded a staff excellence award at our recent regional NATSAP conference.

Cherokee Creek Boarding School Teacher - Therapeutic Boarding School Teacher wins NATSAP AwardNick is in a very elite group of people who love the logical and rational world of Math and Chemistry and Physics, and are great counselors! He’s especially keyed in on those students for whom Math has been the source of failure in their past.

Under his wise, patient guidance, those students discover what they can do. And from that base of confidence, no matter how small, are able to take a risk and push a little more each day.

He’s been recognized as Coach of the Year in the First Lego League robotics competition twice, not because he sets the plays and tells the team how to program the robot, but because he supports the values of the competition and makes a safe place for the creativity of the team to flourish.

As a staff, we could say much more about our appreciation for Nick. However, it would only be appropriate to share with you a letter we recently received from one of our alumni whom Nick has had a positive impact:
Cherokee Creek Boarding School Teacher - Therapeutic Boarding School Teacher wins NATSAP Award“It is no easy task to describe Nick Linscott without seeming overly dramatic. That’s my take at least. I wish I could be there to see some of the faces Nick may make. Without a doubt, this man has been a crux of my, and many others’ paths. Nick—and everyone around him—has the great fortune of being a compassionate and caring soul, with an immense aptitude for teaching and leading.

Although his job description may only read “Math Teacher”, he serves many other roles outside of the classroom. We all know Nick’s place at the head of the Currahee table, or sometimes in the kitchen with the dish crew, and every year slaving away at a Lego table. Once, and only once—in my time at least—he was sighted on the basketball court, for a few brief seconds, to block a free throw to show his long-lost skills. I had never been so honored.
Cherokee Creek Boarding School Teacher - Therapeutic Boarding School Teacher wins NATSAP Award
All these things show the omniscient nature of Nick’s loving reach. Of course, we cannot go without mentioning the vast intelligence he is so eager to share with our community. Maths, Invertebrate Zoology, Biology, Chemistry, hiking, climbing, rafting, and just darn common sense are a few things he is so adept at. There is no end to Nick’s fatherly influence. Even today, I constantly try to remember every word of wisdom Nick shared with me, that it may better my future.

Without a doubt, Nick is the kind of guy that could complement and enhance any community he touched. This being said, Nick is a soul to be cherished, celebrated, and most obviously, thanked.”


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