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Cross Country Bears

by April Payne

This weekend we officially closed our cross country season with a celebratory get-away. I write this with mixed emotions as I Cherokee Creek Boys Boarding School Cross Country Team 2015have thoroughly enjoyed the time we have spent together.

We left Friday afternoon and spent the evening in a yurt village on the Chattooga River where we indulged in a “Paleo-style” feast from the grill. We let our table manners go and really went for the “caveman” feel, letting the boys eat steak and salmon with their hands (in reality, we only brought plastic forks and they were breaking them left and right!).

After we packed in the protein for our morning workout, we enjoyed some time around a bonfire with team building, story telling, and looking through photos from all our adventures.

Saturday morning, the cross country team had me up before 6:30 a.m. (my plan was 9:00 a.m.), anxious to hit the trails. Getting to run as a team, and without time restraints, made it possible for us to stop along the way for a crossfit workout and yoga by the water (led by Jin).

AnCherokee Creek Boys Boarding School Cross Country Team Having Fundrew did an incredible job of setting up a scenic route through the woods that would land us in a perfect spot on the lake to hang hammocks and spend a day in and out of the water.

I’m not sure any of us were ready to return to the school, which says a lot about their behavior and how laid back we allowed the weekend to be.
Cherokee Creek Boys Boarding School Cross Country Team Member Relaxes

The way we have grown this season, as individuals and a community (myself included), exceeded any expectations I had. I came as a leader for this cross country team thinking I was simply volunteering to participate on a few weekly runs. My attitude quickly grew into anticipating our practices and time with the team above all my other CCBS responsibilities. By the end of the season I spent much of my time dreaming about how we could take what we’ve accomplished to new levels in the future.

Each of our cross country team members who are graduating soon will undoubtedly be missed, but we all are excited to send them off with the great memories we’ve shared and the important values we’ve instilled.

Cheers to an unforgettable cross country team!
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A Week in Review at Cherokee Creek Boys Boarding School – P.A.T.H Style

It’s been an exciting week at Cherokee Creek Boys Boarding School as we prepare for Spring Break. We thought it would be fun to share some updates through the lens of the P.A.T.H.  (The model we use to help create balance in the key areas of Personal Enrichment, Academics, Therapeutics, and Health and Recreation.)

Beautiful artwork donated by Garlinghouse Family to our Boys Boarding School

Garlinghouse Family


We were honored to receive a very thoughtful and generous gift from Jeff and Kim. The gift is truly a labor of love!  With 250,000 stitches, Kim created an intricate Medicine Wheel for us. Jeff made an easel to display this one-of-a-kind project. They spent over 9 months making this beautiful piece of art.  That is right, 250,000 stitches! As the boys would say, THANK YOU MAMA AND PAPA G!

Teacher Nick and the boys looking at Smart Board at our Boys Boarding School


Nick hasn’t missed a beat! After returning from the State Lego League Competition he jumped right back into class. He continues to have fun in his classroom by finding creative ways to use his new Smart Board tool.  The image to the left gives you a peek into a lesson with the boys on angles. That sure makes geometry look more approachable and interesting!


Parent Passages Transition WorkshopTHERAPEUTICS

Today wraps up a 2-day Parent Passages transition workshop. With 17 families attending, we know that the collaboration and support will help them to gain many additional tools and ideas to begin the process planning for their son’s graduation.

We had the privilege of Dr. Tim Thayne, author of the book Not By Chance to speak at this workshop. He is helping to fortify, heal, and inspire the family unit. We are excited for these families to start a new season in their lives. Keep up the good work everyone!

Jacob C represents Cherokee Creek Boys Boarding School at a local high school track meet.HEALTH AND RECREATION

Cherokee Creek Boys Boarding School had their first track meet with a local high school. Our boys did great! It was a fun experience for all of them.

Reno got 3rd in the 800 meter and 5th in the 400 meter. Frankie got 2nd in the 400 meter. These boys competed against other high schoolers! How cool is that!? Talk about being powerful and strong!

Let’s get a ‘Go Bears’ on the count of three…

1…2…3…GO BEARS!


What a terrific week!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates! We have a group of boys and staff leaving for Costa Rica today for the first Cherokee Creek Boys Boarding School International trip. We look forward to sharing pictures and stories soon!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Spring Break!

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CCBS Dominates Howl-O-Ween Run

First Row: "Loki," Jackson, Holden, Carter, and John Second Row: CCBS Weekend Manager Andrew Stevenson, Tristan, Tyler, Josh and Counselor Kurt Brandon

Cherokee Creek boys showed up in force at the 3rd Annual Strut Your Mutt and Howl-O-Ween on the Green
3K Race to benefit the Humane Society of Seneca, SC this past weekend. Seven boys, two counselors and Academic Dean Denise Savidge all participated in the event which has been getting bigger and bigger every year. About 60 humans participated and CCBS Student Tristan finished first overall. Another 15 dogs ran with their owners and most popular finisher was “Dexter,” who rolled across the finish line to a round of applause and a lot of head-patting.

Dexter and his owner finish with pride

Academic Dean Denise Savidge finished her first race with the support of her students, although far behind early finishers Tristan and Carter.

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Tenacious Students Earn Prickly Reward

Miss Betsy’s environmental studies class grew by one, thanks to the efforts of students interested in a new pet. Below is the first-hand account of how Shadow the Hedgehog arrived at Cherokee Creek Boys School written by Josh, who spearheaded the idea.

I was in Betsy’s class when I turned and saw a book titled Africa Pigmy Hedgehog. After the lesson, I picked it up and flipped through it. Then and there I thought, “I want a hedgehog.” I ended up reading the book cover to cover.

Later, I went and told Betsy I wanted an African pigmy hedgehog. She thought I should do some research and write David a proposal. The next day after the lesson, I got to work. I looked everywhere to find out if they were legal in South Carolina. They were so I looked even harder. I got so encouraged I couldn’t stop.

Eventually, I wrote a six page paper/proposal and got all the students and staff to sign it and then handed it in to David. He read  it and after a week he handed it back and said, “I like it. Now raise $300 dollars.”

Betsy and I put are heads together and realized family seminar was in a week. We decided to raise money there and also to approach staff to donate money. The morning before seminar we were all quite nervous. John D. and I put together a poster and we were off to the Dillard House. When we got there we set up a display. We stood up before the parents and pretty much (in a nice way) begged for money. We ended up $100 dollars short.

The next step was we talked to David and said, “What do we do? We can’t give up now.”

He said if we did community service, we could earn the money. We worked out how it would work. Each volunteer worker got $5 per person per hour. I rallied up the troops with a motivational speech and we got to work. Almost everyone in the school pitched in with extra chores around campus. A month later we had the money.

Now we had to do the hard part…….. finding a breeder nearby because you can’t get a hedgehog from a pet store. Eventually I found a breeder very close. So, we got him!

We took a vote for the name and Shadow was the winner. (Ironically he will turn out snow white.)

Josh, John and Shadow -- CCBS' prickly new class pet

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What Is a Leader?

Recent graduate Sam H. was asked to put into words his thoughts on being a leader. Sam graduated in August and clearly learned a great deal about leading while attending CCBS…

Being a Leader

Being a leader means to provide purpose, direction and motivation. What that means is if you lead someone, you need to model these things. You also need to influence them to do what you want them to do. I could have influenced people to follow instructions and to stop having petty arguments. I shouldn’t just tell them what to do because I also need to set the example and do it when it’s not my time to lead.

In being a leader, I have to provide purpose that gives people a reason to do things. That doesn’t mean that I have to explain every little detail. It also means that I will not be the nice guy and it also means I will not make them do anything that will be dangerous. I also have to provide a direction. While doing that, it’s my job as a leader to tell the followers what to do and how to do it. I need to give them specific instructions on what to do. I also have to provide motivation which will give them the willpower to accomplish any set goal they have set for themselves or a group. To motivate them, I should give them a task that challenges them.

I also need to know each individual to know what they like or what they want to do to be able to motivate each one in their own way. Another big part of leadership is goal setting. Goals should be realistic and attainable. Goals should lead to improved readiness. Goals should also involve everybody in the group. I also need to set a schedule to improve goal setting. Problem solving is another big part of leading. You also need to recognize the problem that is accruing.

Primary Counselor Yanic McDowell and Therapist Jane Barker with Sam on graduation day

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Soccer Practice Commences

The colorful cleats are arriving daily and soccer practice has begun in earnest for the Cherokee Creek Bears. Coaches Jireh Yepassis-Zembrou, Ryan Natale and Drew Bowers have been conducting practices twice weekly to prepare for the 8 games scheduled in September. See the schedule below for game times and hope to see you there. Go Bears!

Hard at work!

Tues Sept 3 — 7:30 at Gignilliat Field v. Seneca McCarley

Thurs. Sept 5 — 8:00 at Nettles Field v. Clemson

Tues. Sept. 10 — 6:30 at Gignilliat Field v. Seneca Robertson

Thurs. Sept. 12 — 7:00 at Pickens Field v. Pickens

Tues. Sept. 17 — 7:30 at Hall St. (Westminster) Field v. Whetstone

Thurs. Sept. 19 — 7:30 at Sertoma Field v. Walhalla Villegns

Tues. Sept. 24 — 7:30 at Hall St. Field v. Westminster

Thurs. Sept. 26 — 7:30 at Sertoma Field v. Walhalla Marcengill

Andrew stretches like a pro.

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Could it Be?

As we say goodbye to Angel this week, we can’t help but wonder…. could he be related to the  famous 1950s  and 60s pop star Buddy Holly? Here’s to two Brown Eyed Handsome Men!

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If it’s Spring, it must be Field Day Time!

Nothing says Spring has Sprung like taking a break from classes and heading out for some fun. Hailing Spring’s (really late) arrival,  students and staff alike made the trip out to nearby Henderson Falls Park in Toccoa for a morning full of fun and games. No, middle and high school boys are NOT too old to have water balloon tosses, water balloon fights, Capture the Flag contests, and Duck, Duck, Goose chases …. just like they did in their earlier years. Enjoy the photos below of CCBS boys having a ball!

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Congratulations to New “Warriors”

Josh sports new Warrior stripes

Primary Counselor Chris Peckham recognized four new Currahees who made it to  Warrior in their PATH work. He honored them with a ceremonial face painting along with hearty congratulations and whoops of cheer from the milieu.  Congratulations and continued success to Joe, Ian, Josh, and John as they work toward graduation day!

Joe gets his new Warrior paint while Ian looks on.

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Phil Fairbrother Shares a Very Cool Hobby

CCBS is full of talent, and recently our own Human Resources Director Phil Fairbrother shared one of his hobbies and loves with the boys in a demonstration that left them amazed and breathless. Phil practices the ancient sword art of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu.

Using his  wooden practice sword, he demonstrated several kadas with the boys and staff as “attackers.” He then used one of his sharpened steel swords to slice through woven grass mats which demonstrated the incredible power and beauty of his collectible swords.

Enjoy the photos of Phil demonstrating this wonderful art for out boys.

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