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Tenacious Students Earn Prickly Reward

Miss Betsy’s environmental studies class grew by one, thanks to the efforts of students interested in a new pet. Below is the first-hand account of how Shadow the Hedgehog arrived at Cherokee Creek Boys School written by Josh, who spearheaded the idea.

I was in Betsy’s class when I turned and saw a book titled Africa Pigmy Hedgehog. After the lesson, I picked it up and flipped through it. Then and there I thought, “I want a hedgehog.” I ended up reading the book cover to cover.

Later, I went and told Betsy I wanted an African pigmy hedgehog. She thought I should do some research and write David a proposal. The next day after the lesson, I got to work. I looked everywhere to find out if they were legal in South Carolina. They were so I looked even harder. I got so encouraged I couldn’t stop.

Eventually, I wrote a six page paper/proposal and got all the students and staff to sign it and then handed it in to David. He read  it and after a week he handed it back and said, “I like it. Now raise $300 dollars.”

Betsy and I put are heads together and realized family seminar was in a week. We decided to raise money there and also to approach staff to donate money. The morning before seminar we were all quite nervous. John D. and I put together a poster and we were off to the Dillard House. When we got there we set up a display. We stood up before the parents and pretty much (in a nice way) begged for money. We ended up $100 dollars short.

The next step was we talked to David and said, “What do we do? We can’t give up now.”

He said if we did community service, we could earn the money. We worked out how it would work. Each volunteer worker got $5 per person per hour. I rallied up the troops with a motivational speech and we got to work. Almost everyone in the school pitched in with extra chores around campus. A month later we had the money.

Now we had to do the hard part…….. finding a breeder nearby because you can’t get a hedgehog from a pet store. Eventually I found a breeder very close. So, we got him!

We took a vote for the name and Shadow was the winner. (Ironically he will turn out snow white.)

Josh, John and Shadow -- CCBS' prickly new class pet

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Bears Snack on Easley Hokies

The Bears faced off against the Easley Hokies in a rematch last night. The Bears were soundly beat by the Hokies earlier in the season and the Hokies came prepared to deliver another beat-down. Before the game a Hokie parent told Coach Shep she brought snacks on behalf of the team. Coach Shep used  this as motivation in his pregame speech. “We don’t need anyone feeling sorry for us,” he said. “We need to show them we are fierce competitors, beat them and eat their snacks in victory.”

The Bears started the game on defense. Bears aren’t typically known for being aggressive unless provoked. But Tuesday  was not a typical night for the Bears. They played tough defense and limited the Hokies’ time of possession and scoring. James, Rick, Nick, Jimmy, Sam D, Barron, Dain, Loucas, and Vincent played a huge role in keeping the Hokies contained.

On offense the Bears were ferocious. Jimmy was able to complete passes to Rick, Nick, James, Sam D, Loucas, Tommy, Cory, Dain, and Barron.

Tied up at 34, the Bears got the ball back with 52 seconds to play. The Bears’ offense, led by Jimmy, drove the length of the field to take the lead. The extra point attempt to JZ was intercepted for no return. At 40-34, the Bears had the lead and gave the ball back to the Hokies. With .1 seconds on the clock the Hokies attempted a miracle pass down the middle of the field. The Hokies completed the pass only to be swarmed by a pack of Bears. Game over 40-34.

The Bears celebrated with Hokie-supplied snacks. Congratulations should be heaped on this great group of guys. They played tough and never let up. The Bears were in command and control through the evening. Go Bears!

–Coach Shep
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Bears Win Another

On a chilly and windy Tuesday evening the Bears faced off against their toughest adversary of the season, the Easley Tar Heels. The Bears defense looked like they would be sliced up by speedy receivers. The Tar Heels quickly drove the length of the field to get into the red zone. Their offensive craftiness ended there when the Bears defense held strong and held the Tar Heels scoreless.

The Bears’ first offensive possession looked very smooth and ended with a deep touchdown pass to James. Quarterback Jimmy completes a hold-your-breath kind of pass in the end zone to Tommy for the extra point.

The Tar Heels come out on offense with their hair on fire and quickly tie the game at seven.

The Bears sputter on offense and turn the ball over in the form of a pick 6.

With a score of 14-7, the Bears trail just before halftime. The Bears’ offense takes the field and stalls, giving the Tar Heels the ball back. They go for a deep pass to score as time is winding down. The Bears’ defense holds strong and keeps the Tar Heels from converting their extra point. Leading 20-7, the Tar Heels take the lead into halftime.

At halftime Coach Shep tells his team to stay focused on playing hard and not giving up.

The Bears start the second half on offense with a long, clock-bleeding drive that results in a touchdown pass from Jimmy to Rick. The Bears convert the extra point.

The Tar Heels come out on offense and quickly drive the length of the field only to sputter and stall in the red zone.

The Bears take over on offense and drive down the field with some impressive passing from Jimmy. Jimmy was able to spread the ball around to multiple receivers clad in navy blue. Dain runs a post into the middle of the end zone and catches the tying pass in stride. Cory catches the extra point to put the Bears up 21-20.

With 6:28 to play the Tar Heels take over on offense with redemption on their minds. But not so fast. James comes up with a touchdown saving interception.

The Bears’ offense gets the ball just within reach of the red zone but a pair of penalties cause them to turn the ball over on downs.

With 34 seconds to play, the Tar Heels have the ball with their sights set on getting into the end zone. Several nicely placed passes get the Tar Heels within the red one. With 19 seconds to play the ball is in the air on its way to the wide open Tar Heel in the end one. Out of  thin air comes Jimmy to pick the ball off and keep the Tar Heels out of the end zone.

The Bears take over on offense with 7.8 seconds to play. The offense takes their time getting set, Coach Shep calls in the play, Jimmy completes the pass to Nick and the clock expires. Bears win.

“This team had adversity in their face all night long. They stood strong and played a great game as a team. I am proud of them and their tenacity. I expect to see the guys walking around on campus tomorrow with lots of swagger.”

-Coach Shep

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Color Me Fun

Ever wonder what goes on back at campus when Spring Break is scheduled? In addition to a lot of meetings and a lot of cleaning, there are some pretty fun things going on for the boys and staff who remain on campus.

Coach Josh took his wife to a “Color Run” last Saturday. Spectators get to lob colored cornstarch balls at the participants as they go past. Needless to say, his tie-dyed sneakers will never be the same. Luckily, the rest came out of his hair!

Coach Josh and Mrs. Coach paint the town red.

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Bears Cross Country Back in Action

The Bears Cross Country team set out on a 5K Trail Run in Demorest, GA March 10th, and left the rest of the crowd wondering who they were and what the heck happened.

Jimmy took First Place in his age group and First overall with a 20:33 time, averaging a 6:38 minute mile. James took First Place in his age division and Third Place overall, finishing just 50 seconds behind Jimmy . Rick took Third in his age group, also right on Jimmy’s heels at 22:45, and Sixth overall. Nick took Third in his age group and 12th overall.

Loucas took 10th, Dain took 11th and Tommy took 15th  in their11-14-year-old age group.

Congratulations to all our boys, and Coach Josh as well, who finished a respectable sixth in his age group too!

Next up is the Chick-Fil-A 5K Road Run on April 21st. Go Bears!

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Paddle Happy!

Last week, Cherokee Creek was on Summer Break. For the handful of students on campus this meant fun field trips like the annual Granite City Trip with Teachers Nick Linscott and Betsy Riordan or the trip to the water park with Academic Dean Denise Savidge. For staff the break means training, skill development and, well, a good bit of sitting still.

What better way to close the week than a student and staff paddling trip on the Chattooga River? On Friday we headed out with all eight canoes, two ducks (inflatable kayaks) and a couple of personal staff boats for hours of good fun…and some new members of the Chattooga swim team. 

Check out the pictures below, including Alexander, Jackson, Primary Counselor Yanic McDowell and Therapist Carla Shorts leaping into the outflow from the famous Bull Sluice rapid. 

[cincopa A4NAQpqvkehC]

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Valentines Bash

We celebrated Valentines Day with a Bash yesterday. It was great fun to get out and have a day of games and play. Pictures coming Wednesday…

It was wonderful to see everyone at the Family Seminar! We are already preparing for May and looking forward to our Annual Founders Day Celebration, Alumni Panel Discussion and the May Family Trek.

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Winter Wonderland

All is well here on campus today. We have had a wonderful “snow day” as you can see in the photos below.  Some of the boys headed out for snow play and others stayed warm and dry inside.

[cincopa AENAVbK71-kr]

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Hanukkah Celebrations Begin

Back row, from left: Alex, Zach and Elliott. Front row, from left: Alex, Desmond, Ben, Harrison and Dylan

Happy Hanukkah! Eight students (pictured right) began the celebration yesterday with David LePere by sharing a lunchtime presentation of customs, traditions and history related to the 8-day Festival of Lights. This was followed in the evening with the lighting of the school’s Hanukkah menorah after dinner.

Barbara Meyer, our cook, also served latkes (potato pancakes) at lunch. Many thanks to families who contributed candles, dreidels and gelt for everyone to enjoy!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Cherokee Creek extended family! We are having a wonderful morning, watching the parade and preparing to dig up the turkeys. Check out the turkey gallery:

[cincopa AcKAqWKa7Goq]

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