CCBS Dominates Howl-O-Ween Run

First Row: "Loki," Jackson, Holden, Carter, and John Second Row: CCBS Weekend Manager Andrew Stevenson, Tristan, Tyler, Josh and Counselor Kurt Brandon

Cherokee Creek boys showed up in force at the 3rd Annual Strut Your Mutt and Howl-O-Ween on the Green
3K Race to benefit the Humane Society of Seneca, SC this past weekend. Seven boys, two counselors and Academic Dean Denise Savidge all participated in the event which has been getting bigger and bigger every year. About 60 humans participated and CCBS Student Tristan finished first overall. Another 15 dogs ran with their owners and most popular finisher was “Dexter,” who rolled across the finish line to a round of applause and a lot of head-patting.

Dexter and his owner finish with pride

Academic Dean Denise Savidge finished her first race with the support of her students, although far behind early finishers Tristan and Carter.

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One Response to “CCBS Dominates Howl-O-Ween Run”

  1. BETH Black says:

    Absolutely fabulous!! Congratulations, Tristan, for a first place win! This is super…and congrats to the rest of the intrepid crew for “showing up and being present” like true Warriors! Love to see CCBS boys participating in the community and hope that you raised alot of money for the Humane Society. 🙂