Go Wash Your Hands!

Vincent, Alexander and Dain help deliver the Team LEGO science presentation today before lunch

The LEGO League regional qualifier is tomorrow. This means that the Cherokee Creek LEGO Team has been working tirelessly to prepare for the different aspects of tomorrow’s competition: evaluation of programming, robot runs, expression of LEGO League values…and the science presentation.

The science presentation is a scripted skit the boys perform to illustrate their understanding of research they have conducted related to this year’s LEGO League theme, Food Factor. Our team has focused on hand washing as an aspect of food handling.

A sample of the team’s script has been included below. Check out the team’s instructions on proper hand washing technique (delivered in the style of rap, courtesy of Alexander’s musical writing skills):

Alright check this!
Wet you hands with clean running water
Use soap it don’t matter is it’s warma or colda
Scrub them well, backs too, under nails between your fingers
But be careful! The germs will keep clingin on!
So if you need a timer, twice you sing the Happy Birthday song!
Wash for twenty seconds, you got time to spare,
And after that you can dry your hands with towel or air! Word.

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3 Responses to “Go Wash Your Hands!”

  1. Elizabeth Jones says:

    Alright check this: This OCD-about-hand-washing-Mom is loving this rap!

  2. Cindy Palmer says:

    Love it! No lie, I just bought a sign that says “wash your hands” for our bathroom. I can’t tell you how many times my other kids come out, and I’ve heard no running water, and no toilet flushing!!! Ugh!

  3. Ronnie Duncan says:

    I love it too. You ladies do NOT want to know what % of men don’t wash thier hands as they exit the bathroom, and some who do “wash” simply put thier hands under water for about 1 second and don’t use soap at all. I still shake hands with guys, but sometimes I wonder… I wash my hands often and for a good long while each time. I was once asked by another guy watching me wash my hands in a public bathroom: “Are you a doctor”? 🙂