Paddle Happy!

Last week, Cherokee Creek was on Summer Break. For the handful of students on campus this meant fun field trips like the annual Granite City Trip with Teachers Nick Linscott and Betsy Riordan or the trip to the water park with Academic Dean Denise Savidge. For staff the break means training, skill development and, well, a good bit of sitting still.

What better way to close the week than a student and staff paddling trip on the Chattooga River? On Friday we headed out with all eight canoes, two ducks (inflatable kayaks) and a couple of personal staff boats for hours of good fun…and some new members of the Chattooga swim team. 

Check out the pictures below, including Alexander, Jackson, Primary Counselor Yanic McDowell and Therapist Carla Shorts leaping into the outflow from the famous Bull Sluice rapid. 

[cincopa A4NAQpqvkehC]

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  1. Carla Shorts says:

    Last Friday’s trip was one of those moments for me when you look at the course that your life has taken and think, “I am exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I was made to do” . Watching a boy who has struggled for weeks choose to show up, be a warrior in the face of his fear and feel successful is without a doubt the most rewarding part of my job. I am so thankful to the staff who put this fantastic trip together and for the parents who trust us with their boys.