Phil Fairbrother Shares a Very Cool Hobby

CCBS is full of talent, and recently our own Human Resources Director Phil Fairbrother shared one of his hobbies and loves with the boys in a demonstration that left them amazed and breathless. Phil practices the ancient sword art of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu.

Using his  wooden practice sword, he demonstrated several kadas with the boys and staff as “attackers.” He then used one of his sharpened steel swords to slice through woven grass mats which demonstrated the incredible power and beauty of his collectible swords.

Enjoy the photos of Phil demonstrating this wonderful art for out boys.

[cincopa AUPAYF7AoYhy]

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One Response to “Phil Fairbrother Shares a Very Cool Hobby”

  1. Jeffrey Fleisig says:

    And I never knew there was a benevolent warrior among us!
    Very interesting hobby.