Service Plus Trout

Jon hold up his frozen prize!

Teachers Nick Linscott and Betsy Riordan headed to the river yesterday with 10 students, several pairs of gloves, trash bags, buckets and fishing gear. For the second year, Cherokee Creek is sponsoring the Earls Ford access to the Chattooga River. Through a volunteer agreement with the Forest Service, our staff and students participate in regular campsite and area clean up in exchange for a little bit if covented time at the river.

After filling several buckets with trash and cleaning out numerous fire pits, yesterday’s crew settled down for a picnic lunch and some fishin’. As luck would have it, our most avid student fisherman, Jon (pictured) landed a beastly trout: 17.5 inches long and just under 3 pounds.

Talk about a win win!

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4 Responses to “Service Plus Trout”

  1. ethan hale says:

    wow that is tight. earls ford is such a cool place.

  2. Great hearing from you, Ethan!!! You can stop by and go fishin’ with us anytime!

  3. Kimball Thomas (Trents Dad) says:

    Way to go Jon.

  4. jon says:

    When nick showed me this i was amazed. Thanks for supporting me guys.

    ps. It was a brook trout .