Smart Boards in the Woods?

boy diagrams a sentence on one the smart boards

Carson and the students are having fun diagramming sentences. Don’t you wish you could be a part of this class?

We have been having fun the last couple weeks as we learn how to use our new Smart Boards!

Smart Boards are interactive whiteboards that use DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology for user input such as scrolling and right mouse-click in the same way as normal PC input devices. This camera-based touch technology for interactive whiteboards and interactive displays uses digital cameras and proprietary software and firmware to detect finger or pen contact with the screen.

boys boarding school student writes on one of the smart boards

Math teacher, Nick, gets a lesson from the boys on how to use the smart board. Who said the teacher is the only one who can teach?

Each Smart Board interactive whiteboard operates as part of a system that includes interactive whiteboards, computers, projectors and Smart Notebook collaborative learning software.

At Cherokee Creek Boys School we know it’s important to incorporate a variety of teaching styles and methods to meet the needs of our students. These Smart Boards will certainly enrich our efforts and offer a more successful learning environment for our boarding school for boys.

After all, our mission states: ‘We are a learning community!’

Thank you to the friend of Cherokee Creek Boys School for this generous donation of Smart Boards! These extra tools will be of great value to our teachers and will benefit many CCBS students for years to come!

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