Soccer Practice Begins

Soccer practice is well underway with Coach Josh and Coach Yanic at the helm of this year’s Bear team. The competition for most unique pair of cleats has also begun. Does anyone else remember when the choices for soccer cleats were black with white stripes and black without any stripes?

Go Bears!

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5 Responses to “Soccer Practice Begins”

  1. Jeanne Ingraham says:

    Frank and I like the book Watership Down
    It is a fantasy story about talking rabbits and their life quest.
    It lends itself beautifully for relationships and the types of places they visit. We recommend it as a book for the boys to read and discuss together.

  2. Beth black says:

    I “second” Watership Down, Fiver and tharn!! One of my favorites! And I’m not sure, but those glow-In-the-dark cleats are pretty classy! I “get a kick” out of all the colors! Go, Bears! 🙂

  3. Jeffrey Fleisig says:

    So the question is-will they play as colorfully as their cleat choices are?

  4. Randi Cohen says:

    Yes, I remember. So much easier back then. I’m sure my Son will be carefully studying all the soccer shoes and letting me which one he “needs” in addition to the pair he already has! lol.
    Go Bear Team!

  5. dsavidge says:

    Watership Down is a classic and will be worked in one quarter of this school year. Check back in a couple of days for a blog on our summer literature adventures.