Sport Teams Wrap Up

FLAG FOOTBALL — Bears defeat Whetstone with high flying offense.

Bears Make a First Down

Bears Make a First Down

The weather on Saturday afternoon was perfect for the first round of the flag football tournament. The ninth seed Whetstone was set to face off against the eighth seeded Bears.

The Bears began the game on defense. With six Bears defenders lined up to take on seven Whetstone offensive warriors, the Whetstone QB connected for a deep pass over the middle for a gain of 60 yards. The Whetstone offense began to walk a little taller to the line of scrimmage as their confidence surged. The Bears defense made quick work of the confidence surge and was able to point out what was real and true about what was going to happen in the game.

The Bears offense was ferocious and highly effective that afternoon. The Bears out scored Whetstone 49-7.

SOFTBALL LEAGUE — The boys have been participating in the Foothills Community Church softball league on Sunday afternoons. Despite a win-less season, they showed improvement on every game. Coach Ryan Natale said, “Our goal is always to help the guys learn commitment, sportsmanship, and how to encourage and support one another. When somebody was struggling, it was a teachable moment we looked for as coaches. From start to finish, there was great improvement in all these areas.”

The Win-Less, But Victorious Softball Team

Below are some of the highlights of the season, according to the boys:

“My highlight of the season was being in the lead (for an inning) and having fun.” — Michael

“My highlight of the season was catching a pop fly that was supposed to burn me.” — Rick

“My highlight was getting a base hit.” — Tommy

“My highlight was running, having fun, and seeing (Coach) Natale slide … again.” — Eddie

“My highlight was (Coach Brandon) hitting the inside the park homerun. I think everyone had a great time.” — Sam D.

My highlight of the game was getting a run.” — Barron

“My highlight for the first game was having fun and doing what I was supposed to. My highlight for the second game was getting on base and getting my first run.” — Vincent

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  1. Beth Black says:

    “Our goal is always to help the guys learn commitment, sportsmanship, and how to encourage and support one another.” The world will be a better place if every child had this opportunity! Congrats, boys!