The Art of Manliness

Jacob, one of our full-time boys boarding school therapists, has been doing a focus group with the students entitled “The Art of Manliness”.

boys boarding school students learn to change a tireThe group is covering a large variety of practical things that include such topics as:

how to dress for an job interview
how to tie a tie
how to be a gentleman
how to respectfully ask a girl for a date
what changes take place during puberty

boys boarding school students like to change a tireIn addition to these discussions, the boys each received first-hand experience changing a tire on a car this week. Michael, our maintenance manager, led the fun.

As you can see from the pictures, our boys didn’t just watch… they also go their hands dirty doing it.

The boys are turning into men right in front of our eyes. It all happens so fast!

However, the next time any of you get a flat tire, just call one of the Cherokee Creek boys to change it. They will do it… and do it like gentlemen! 🙂

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