Tough Loss for Bears

Tuesday’s humid evening put the Bears to a test against Liberty. The Bears’ offense looked good coming out the gate. Jimmy moved the offense down the field at a steady pace. The Bears were up 8-0 in quick fashion. But the Liberty Red Devils were pesky on offense and tied it up.

Back and forth the game went. The Bears pulled ahead 14-8. The Red Devils were trying to keep pace with the Bears, but their defense held strong. With an interception, the bears went into halftime with a commanding lead. The Bears were up 30-16 at the half.

Several missed calls for illegal contact  helped the Red Devils get back in the game and take the lead.

The Bears marched down the field to tie the game with one minute to play. The Red Devils ran out of time and penalties gave them the opportunity to toss an interception to Jimmy, closing out regulation play.

During overtime the Bears offense sputtered while the Red Devils put together a nice series to take the win, 36-42.

“Our guys are such warriors. They played hard and pulled for each other the entire game. Even with some questionable calls, our guys held their composure and battled through the game. I am proud of their hard work and determination. Under this kind of pressure it would have been easy for them to quit. They don’t know how to quit.”

-Coach Shep

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2 Responses to “Tough Loss for Bears”

  1. ed underwood says:

    Great effort. I’m proud of you guys. Keep up the fight.

  2. Ronnie Duncan says:

    Tired crew afterward, I’m sure. Good effort. Any pictures coming?