Turkey Day is Underway


Its that time of year again! Every year at Thanksgiving Cherokee Creek Boys School pit-roasts our turkeys for our Thanksgiving feast. It is an honor to be selected for Team Turkey. This year’s crew (pictured above) includes (from left): Sam, Cole, Teacher Nick Linscott, Jimmy, Operations Director Phil Fairbrother, Dain, Michael, and Barron. The team’s responsibilities include staying up until the wee hours tending the roasting coals.

William, Sandy, and Barbara look on as Phil prepares the Turkeys

But first, the turkeys are seasoned and wrapped in foil (several times).

Phil, Cole, Dain, and Barron scope out the pit

Then the boys clear the area of leaves and debris before digging a HUGE pit.

Next, the boys and staff will create a bonfire in the pit, which will be nursed through the night until there is a well established bed of coals. Then the turkeys will be placed on the coals and burried.

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow…

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7 Responses to “Turkey Day is Underway”

  1. Ronnie Duncan says:

    Sounds really cool. I only had our Sam D. can’t help due to his broken arm. He LOVES this sort of stuff…

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you at CCBS. We are thankful for YOU!

  2. Ronnie Duncan says:

    I meant I hate our Sam D. can’t help. Sorry for the typo.

  3. Denise says:

    Have fun boys. 🙂

  4. meg and Peter Prodromou says:

    We are so very thankful that all of the boys are at CCBS ! we will be with them in spirit, and be thinking of them, as well as all of the parents and staff-Happy Thanksgiving !

  5. Caroll Godbee says:

    This sounds like a wonderful activity for the boys. We are the grandparents of Barron. I know all of you will have fun and lots to eat. We will be with you in our thoughts and prayers. We are so thankful for all of you. Have fun! Love to all, Gran and Dada

  6. The Kepouros family is thinking of all the boy’s at CCBS and sending you all our love !!!

  7. george scott says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to my grandson Barron as well as all the other lucky boys! Wished I was there with you and helping make the bondfire pit! I love that! Barron don’t eat too much and see you soon LOVE YA PAPA