June 25-28 is Art Week

Cherokee Creek Boys School hosted  Lisa Kiser, Executive Director of the Blue Ridge Arts Council this week. Lisa is a jewelry artist working in fine metals and stones, but brought her love of all things artistic to campus for four days of art lessons.

Ms. Kiser demonstrates Quilling for the boys

Monday and Tuesday the boys worked in the ancient art of “quilling,” in which paper is shaped into spirals and shapes then glued into a design onto another medium. The boys painted canvases as backdrops for their beautiful designs in black paper.

Wednesday and Thursday the activity was “painting with wool.” Ms. Kiser brought dyed llama and sheep wool which the boys then pulled into a design, flattened between two grids and somehow (we’re still not sure how it magically, yet scientifically, happened) turned them into felted pieces of art.

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  1. Beth Black says:

    So cool! I wish I had been there…what great projects…