Tenacious Students Earn Prickly Reward

Miss Betsy’s environmental studies class grew by one, thanks to the efforts of students interested in a new pet. Below is the first-hand account of how Shadow the Hedgehog arrived at Cherokee Creek Boys School written by Josh, who spearheaded the idea.

I was in Betsy’s class when I turned and saw a book titled Africa Pigmy Hedgehog. After the lesson, I picked it up and flipped through it. Then and there I thought, “I want a hedgehog.” I ended up reading the book cover to cover.

Later, I went and told Betsy I wanted an African pigmy hedgehog. She thought I should do some research and write David a proposal. The next day after the lesson, I got to work. I looked everywhere to find out if they were legal in South Carolina. They were so I looked even harder. I got so encouraged I couldn’t stop.

Eventually, I wrote a six page paper/proposal and got all the students and staff to sign it and then handed it in to David. He read  it and after a week he handed it back and said, “I like it. Now raise $300 dollars.”

Betsy and I put are heads together and realized family seminar was in a week. We decided to raise money there and also to approach staff to donate money. The morning before seminar we were all quite nervous. John D. and I put together a poster and we were off to the Dillard House. When we got there we set up a display. We stood up before the parents and pretty much (in a nice way) begged for money. We ended up $100 dollars short.

The next step was we talked to David and said, “What do we do? We can’t give up now.”

He said if we did community service, we could earn the money. We worked out how it would work. Each volunteer worker got $5 per person per hour. I rallied up the troops with a motivational speech and we got to work. Almost everyone in the school pitched in with extra chores around campus. A month later we had the money.

Now we had to do the hard part…….. finding a breeder nearby because you can’t get a hedgehog from a pet store. Eventually I found a breeder very close. So, we got him!

We took a vote for the name and Shadow was the winner. (Ironically he will turn out snow white.)

Josh, John and Shadow -- CCBS' prickly new class pet

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Hartwell Dam Opening Provides Thundering Lesson in Water Management

A view from the South Carolina side.

A view from the Georgia side of the dam

The record rainfall of 2013 provided a wonderful opportunity in experiential learning last week as the CCBS boys got an opportunity to watch water management in an exciting form. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Hartwell Dam was opened and excess water was released through the spillway gates. Prior to that point, the Lake Hartwell reservoir had reached maximum flood storage capacity, which fishermen and boaters have enjoyed recently since the lake has not been considered “full” since 1994. Enjoy the pictures above and click to see a YouTube video of the event.


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Phil Fairbrother Shares a Very Cool Hobby

CCBS is full of talent, and recently our own Human Resources Director Phil Fairbrother shared one of his hobbies and loves with the boys in a demonstration that left them amazed and breathless. Phil practices the ancient sword art of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu.

Using his  wooden practice sword, he demonstrated several kadas with the boys and staff as “attackers.” He then used one of his sharpened steel swords to slice through woven grass mats which demonstrated the incredible power and beauty of his collectible swords.

Enjoy the photos of Phil demonstrating this wonderful art for out boys.

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Red Hawks take on THE WALL

The Red Hawks had an off campus adventure to Clemson’s Outdoor Lab last weekend. Trek Counselors Royce and Jesy took them on a high climbing adventure to a wall which was 55 feet high.

“Our main goal was not to die,” Ari said laughing.

“It was really hard, but it was a great workout,” Angel added.

Enjoy the pictures of some of the participants below. Happy climbing!

[cincopa A8OAx9KBZ32H]

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Earthlore Teacher comes to CCBS

Mark Warren, naturalist, composer, writer and Director of Medicine Bow, A Primitive School of Earthlore in the North Georgia Mountains, recently visited Cherokee Creek Boys School. He shared stories and artifacts as well as taught the boys to make cordage and make fire from sticks.

Below are pictures from his visit.

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June 25-28 is Art Week

Cherokee Creek Boys School hosted  Lisa Kiser, Executive Director of the Blue Ridge Arts Council this week. Lisa is a jewelry artist working in fine metals and stones, but brought her love of all things artistic to campus for four days of art lessons.

Ms. Kiser demonstrates Quilling for the boys

Monday and Tuesday the boys worked in the ancient art of “quilling,” in which paper is shaped into spirals and shapes then glued into a design onto another medium. The boys painted canvases as backdrops for their beautiful designs in black paper.

Wednesday and Thursday the activity was “painting with wool.” Ms. Kiser brought dyed llama and sheep wool which the boys then pulled into a design, flattened between two grids and somehow (we’re still not sure how it magically, yet scientifically, happened) turned them into felted pieces of art.

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I Scream, You Scream

Nos encanta el helado!

Students of the Spanish Class got a sweet treat for great classwork when teacher Karen Peterson took them to La Concha, a Mexican style ice cream parlor in nearby Walhalla, South Carolina. Michael, Loucas, Alex, Nick and Sam thought the place was amazing.

“They had different types of flavors like caramel popcorn and pistachio. My favorite was strawberry shortcake,” Nick said.

“It was kind of cool because it had weird flavors of ice cream like corn which tasted a little like popcorn,” Alex said.

“The corn flavor actually had corn in it. (Andrew) Leviner ordered it and said it was really good. There was a Spanish soap opera on the t.v. It was a pretty cool place,” Loucas added.

Spanish class continues through the summer and with the continued great efforts of the boys, more field trips to interesting cultural experiences are sure to be found!

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Memorial Day Fun

Memorial Day was a day to remember the sacrifices of those who served in our Armed Forces to ensure we all enjoy the freedoms we have as Americans. It’s also the kickoff to summer, and a great day to swim, enjoy a little beach volleyball, and cook out.

Some of our boys had visits with their families, but for those on campus it was a chance to break free from the classrooms with the teachers. Please enjoy this mini album of photos from the days events. And of course,  Happy Summer to All!

Sand Between our Toes

Loucas, Angel and Andrew hang out

Swimming and Hanging on the Mini Dock

Sam munches and guards

Bears Beach Volleyball

Andrew and Sam make sure there are burgers for all

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Sport Teams Wrap Up

FLAG FOOTBALL — Bears defeat Whetstone with high flying offense.

Bears Make a First Down

Bears Make a First Down

The weather on Saturday afternoon was perfect for the first round of the flag football tournament. The ninth seed Whetstone was set to face off against the eighth seeded Bears.

The Bears began the game on defense. With six Bears defenders lined up to take on seven Whetstone offensive warriors, the Whetstone QB connected for a deep pass over the middle for a gain of 60 yards. The Whetstone offense began to walk a little taller to the line of scrimmage as their confidence surged. The Bears defense made quick work of the confidence surge and was able to point out what was real and true about what was going to happen in the game.

The Bears offense was ferocious and highly effective that afternoon. The Bears out scored Whetstone 49-7.

SOFTBALL LEAGUE — The boys have been participating in the Foothills Community Church softball league on Sunday afternoons. Despite a win-less season, they showed improvement on every game. Coach Ryan Natale said, “Our goal is always to help the guys learn commitment, sportsmanship, and how to encourage and support one another. When somebody was struggling, it was a teachable moment we looked for as coaches. From start to finish, there was great improvement in all these areas.”

The Win-Less, But Victorious Softball Team

Below are some of the highlights of the season, according to the boys:

“My highlight of the season was being in the lead (for an inning) and having fun.” — Michael

“My highlight of the season was catching a pop fly that was supposed to burn me.” — Rick

“My highlight was getting a base hit.” — Tommy

“My highlight was running, having fun, and seeing (Coach) Natale slide … again.” — Eddie

“My highlight was (Coach Brandon) hitting the inside the park homerun. I think everyone had a great time.” — Sam D.

My highlight of the game was getting a run.” — Barron

“My highlight for the first game was having fun and doing what I was supposed to. My highlight for the second game was getting on base and getting my first run.” — Vincent

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Headed to the Coast

From left: Artie, William and David are headed for the coast

The Father & Son Sea Kayaking Adventure is underway!

At about 10:00 this morning Executive Director David LePere, Counseling Department Manager William Carpenter and Therapist Artie Smith – along with students Alex, Alexander, Jake, James, Loucas, Sam, Sam, Tommy and Vincent – began their journey to the Georgia coast. Now, this is not what David, William and Artie are typically up to on a Tuesday morning. But for our first Father and Son Adventure it would be hard to find a more perfect crew!

The boys are looking forward to connecting with their dads tomorrow morning. Together, they will paddle with the tide to Cumberland Island National Seashore where they will spend the next few days camping in a primitive area of the island. This exciting Father & Son Adventure has been months in the making and is sure to garner many “tall tales” and “fish stories.”

More to come…

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