CCBS Christmas Tree is Up!

Following the wonderful CCBS pit-roasted turkey at Thanksgiving, the boys spent the day picking,  cutting and decorating  the Cherokee Creek Christmas tree. This was originally a 25-foot pine growing on the property (it didn’t look that big outside) and the boys gamely felled it with a saw and dragged it to the lodge . It sure makes things feel like the holidays seeing their handiwork.

Next up will be the menorah to celebrate Hanukkah. Ari’s suggestion of one “as big as a disco ball, hanging from the rafters” is under consideration …

Here’s hoping we see you soon and you can admire the boys’ decorating expertise soon here at the “Small School with a Big Heart!”

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9 Responses to “CCBS Christmas Tree is Up!”

  1. Tracey Hoston says:

    Beautiful Christmas tree guys! You did a wonderful job selecting the perfect tree and decorating. Ari, I like your idea about the “disco ball” size Menorah hanging from the rafters!


  2. Kristin says:

    How beautiful. Great job boys!!!

  3. Susan says:

    I’m with Ari! A Chanukiah hanging from the rafters sounds like holiday to me!

  4. Jeffrey says:

    I second Ari’s suggestion, but maybe it doesn’t have to hang from the rafters!
    Looks great!

  5. sharron shaffer says:

    Such a preety tree! Good job guys!

  6. meg and Peter Prodromou says:

    The tree looks wonderful!The boys should be proud . We miss all of you and hope your season is great .
    Love Meg,Peter and Loucas Prodromou

  7. caroll Godbee says:

    After last year, Thanksgiving must have been wondereful. The tree is beautiful and it is wonderful that the boys participate because sometimes at home they do not get that opportunity. God bless all of the staff and boys also.

  8. caroll Godbee says:

    I meant that Thanksgiving last year was a wonderful experience for my grandson so I know that this one was even better. Gran

  9. Pj & Marcy Garriott says:

    The tree looks awesome boys! I bet it is gorgeous! We wish all the boys, their families and the CCBS staff a wonderful holiday season and start to the new year! May God bless you all.