Momma Bird

boys boarding school students discover birds nestBy Christy Swafford, Assistant Admissions Director at CCBS

At Cherokee Creek Boys Boarding School, there is always an adventure taking place! These adventures not only happen with students, but also to our awesome team of staff members, too!

Our science teacher, Ben Briggs, found an amazing gem of a bird’s nest. But not just any bird’s nest… this bird’s nest was different that the average one. It wasn’t found way up high in a tree somewhere. In fact, it wasn’t even found in a tree at all. Ben found this bird’s nest in our pole barn. Our pole barn is filled with Wilderness Trek gear (rafting helmets, canoes, and life jackets).

Can you guess where this sweet momma bird made her nest?

If you guessed the rafting helmets, you are correct!

boys boarding school students discover birds nest
Some of the boys went on a “quiet” adventure to meet these baby birds. Yes, I did said quiet. They didn’t want to scare the birds and really wanted to see the momma bird come and visit her babies. A couple of the more patient boys waited around quite a while to see that would happen. Well, there patience paid off. The momma bird brought her babies some food and then went out to find more for them. It was truly an amazing experience to see this take place.

boys boarding school students discover birds nest

Nick, one of our students, loves photography. He took these pictures. I truly love the creativity our boys possess. Not only that, but I also love to see their wonder and appreciation for animals and nature. These boys made sure to tell me about how a momma bird tenderly cares for her babies. I feel there is a lesson to be learned here…

What lesson do you think that these boys learned?
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