Career Center Fun

Christy Swafford - Boys Boarding School Admissionsby Christy Swafford, Assistant Admissions Director at CCBS

It is so much fun to try new things. At Cherokee Creek Boys School, boys are able to use their creativity with their Medicine Wheel work (from the “Four-Fold Way” by Angeles Arrien), Wilderness Trek adventures, and so much more. They are always coming up with new activities and hobbies they want to explore.

CC Boys Boarding School at Career Center For the majority of the time creative opportunities don’t revolve around academics. Many of the boys have had a lot of school frustrations prior to coming to CCBS. They’ve had a hard time embracing a successful mindset when it involves academics. Once they do, however, they realize that they are capable of so much more than they ever could have imagined.

Denise Savidge, our Academic Dean, and the other teachers have helped the boys bring their creativity to light in the area of academics. The boys have a true love for experiential learning. This was clear seen when several of our boys started going to the Hamilton Career Center recently.

CC Boys Boarding School at Career CenterAt this time, some of our boys are working on a 3-D design program and learning how to use software to recreate a drawing in a book. The class is called Mechanical Drawing. This is the modern version of the “drafting table” that architects used to use.

The second group of CCBS students is learning how to weld.

We can’t wait to see the projects they are creating!

A big THANK YOU  to those at the Hamilton Career Center for their programs and instruction for our boys. They truly are making a difference, and our boys are greatly benefiting from the learning of new skills.

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Medicine Wheel Art Project

CCBS Medicine Wheel

by Christy Swafford, CCBS Assistant Admissions Director

The Four-Fold Way by cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien is a book we use at Cherokee Creek Boys School as part of our self-development curriculum. In the book, there is a Medicine Wheel that highlights four universal values that hold meaning to almost every person. The values of the CCBS Medicine Wheel are “Truth”, “Love”, “Wisdom” and “Courage”. Through the study of these values people can learn meaningful life lessons such as how to be “open to outcome”, how to be a leader, and how to be forgiving. Our boys and families have the opportunity to  learn and practice these values during their time at Cherokee Creek.

Last week, we had the privilege of having Melissa, one of our moms, come and do an awesome art project that focused upon the Medicine Wheel.

The boys took CCBS Medicine Wheelbeaded necklaces, cut off each bead, and then placed the beads strategically on the table. With the placement of thousands of beads, the project actually took us about 7 hours to complete. The boys did a fantastic job with staying focused, and they worked very hard to complete the table. In fact, the boys had to be pulled away from this fun project for bedtime!

Thank you, Melissa, for the wonderful way you interacted and helped the boys with the Medicine Wheel. We look forward to the next creative art project you have for us!


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Sowing Seeds of Success

boys boarding school gardenby Christy Swafford, CCBS Assistant Admissions Director


“The season of failure is the best time for sowing seeds of success.” – Paramahasa Yogananda


So many boys come to Cherokee Creek Boys School upon facing failure after failure. What is always amazing for me to see is when they finally find success for the first time in a long time. Once they find it, it continues to grow and reproduce. Like seeds that are planted in a garden, successful habits consistently need care and attention for them to reproduce season after season.


boys boarding school gardenUpon this premise, our Environmental Science teacher Ben Briggs decided to start a CCBS Garden Club. Each boy is given a 5′ x 5′ plot in which they get to plant a range of in-season fruits, vegetables and flowers.


The students were able to start this project with a “blank slate” that some would see a dirty and unkept. They were then given all the tools they would need to succeed. Over time, they will reap what they’ve planted and cultivated. This may take a couple months or even several months, but what is important for each boy to understand and remember is that this process takes time. The end result will be a bountiful harvest.


boys boarding school gardenThe same could be said about many of the boys at our therapeutic boarding school. They are a wonderful mess when they come to us. What they need are the right tools, support, and guidance. It takes time and patience, but the end product is incredibly beautiful. It is important to remember that they cannot do this alone. It truly is a team effort: family, therapist, staff, and friends.


On a fun note, the boys get to wear some awesome straw hats when they are gardening. I hope you enjoy these this pictures. Keep your eye out for the progress of these gardens, the one in the ground and the one in their hearts!


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Et tu, Brute?

Boys Boarding School students read Julius Caesar Our students were required to read Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar this summer. Believe it or not, there wasn’t a single boy who had requested to read it. Go figure!?! For some, they learned that Caesar was much more than just a salad!

Anyway, we required them to not only read the book, but to be involved with acting the play out in class. As we gave campus tours to prospective families last week, you could hear a lot of stomping going on upstairs in the classrooms. One of the visiting parents quipped that it sounded like that often at his home when his son does homework. The difference? Our boys are having FUN doing their schoolwork!

Boys Boarding School students read Julius CaesarAt our Family Seminar last week the boys were given an opportunity to perform a Julius Caesar play for their families. They even created costumes for the occasion!

Because of this experience, the students grew deeper in their understanding of some of the Medicine Wheel values. If you are familiar with the CCBS Medicine Wheel, can you think of any values that may have been utilized and enhanced?

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Having a Field Day on Field Day

by Christy Swafford, CCBS Assistant Admissions Director

Cherokee Creek Boys Boarding School Field Day fun at the beachOur students went back to school on Tuesday, but before they started another semester of books and learning, they had two awesome days of fun activities. After all, Cherokee Creek Boys Boarding School IS a place “where boys can be boys!”

On the first day, the boys had a Field Day… literally! They played popular games such as Cornhole, KanJam, and shared in other fun outdoor activities.

Cherokee Creek Boys Boarding School Field Day 2105On the second day, our students went to the beach. Okay… okay… it isn’t the “real” beach like over at Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head, but  the boys loved playing in the sand and swimming in the man-made lake.

Cherokee Creek Boys Boarding School Field Day FunAs you can see from this these pictures, they had opportunities to build traditional sand castles. And, of course, when you get a bunch of teenage boys together at a beach, you know for sure that someone is going to get buried up to their neck in sand!

Yes, we did make sure that he was dug back up before we left!

It is so important for families to have traditions. What are some of the traditions your family celebrated in the summer before you headed back to school? Did you go to the beach? Was it an amusement park? Did you enjoy being in the middle of nature by going camping?

Please share those with us in the comments section below!

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Momma Bird

boys boarding school students discover birds nestBy Christy Swafford, Assistant Admissions Director at CCBS

At Cherokee Creek Boys Boarding School, there is always an adventure taking place! These adventures not only happen with students, but also to our awesome team of staff members, too!

Our science teacher, Ben Briggs, found an amazing gem of a bird’s nest. But not just any bird’s nest… this bird’s nest was different that the average one. It wasn’t found way up high in a tree somewhere. In fact, it wasn’t even found in a tree at all. Ben found this bird’s nest in our pole barn. Our pole barn is filled with Wilderness Trek gear (rafting helmets, canoes, and life jackets).

Can you guess where this sweet momma bird made her nest?

If you guessed the rafting helmets, you are correct!

boys boarding school students discover birds nest
Some of the boys went on a “quiet” adventure to meet these baby birds. Yes, I did said quiet. They didn’t want to scare the birds and really wanted to see the momma bird come and visit her babies. A couple of the more patient boys waited around quite a while to see that would happen. Well, there patience paid off. The momma bird brought her babies some food and then went out to find more for them. It was truly an amazing experience to see this take place.

boys boarding school students discover birds nest

Nick, one of our students, loves photography. He took these pictures. I truly love the creativity our boys possess. Not only that, but I also love to see their wonder and appreciation for animals and nature. These boys made sure to tell me about how a momma bird tenderly cares for her babies. I feel there is a lesson to be learned here…

What lesson do you think that these boys learned?
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Graduation Celebrations Summer 2015

Boys Boarding School GraduationOne thing to know about Cherokee Creek Boys School… Graduations are a BIG deal on campus!

Each graduation ceremony is a solemn, important, and true “rite of passage” for our students. Each of our boys enter into the program as one person… and after months of hard work, they have been transformed into older, wiser, healthier, and confident young men.

Boys Boarding School graduation ceremonyDuring the Summer of 2015, we were blessed to hold several graduations for very deserving students. We won’t give away much of what happens during these special events because of the “sacredness” involved. Each part of the ceremony has a unique symbolic meaning for the boy, his parents and family members, his fellow students, and us as mentors and staffers at Cherokee Creek. If you’ve ever attended one of our graduation ceremonies, you’ll remember how special and sacred this occasion can be for all involved.

Boys Boarding School graduateHere are a few things we can share with you about some of the symbols used within our graduations:

As many of you know, at Cherokee Creek Boys School we challenge boys to discover “what is real and true about themselves and the world around them”.  We understand that this involves a journey of learning. The journey is symbolized by the representation of a canoe on our logo.

Boarding School for Boys GraduationThe CCBS Medicine Wheel symbolizes a graduate’s journey and his growth in truth, love, wisdom, and courage while at Cherokee Creek Boys School.  Family, friends, staff and students gather around the Medicine Wheel for “honorable closure”.

During the graduation celebration, students express what they have learned – what is real and true about themselves – while at Cherokee Creek.

Boys Boarding School GraduationIt is also a time to share meaningful goodbyes with their CCBS brothers and be reunited with those who have supported them from a distance.

We have more graduation ceremonies scheduled in the upcoming months. What a joy it is to celebrate the transformations that are taking place in the lives of these very special boys and their incredible families!


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Tour de Cherokee?

Cherokee Creek Boys School student attend spin classMany of the boys at Cherokee Creek Boys School have been really getting into health and fitness. A few days ago, several of our awesome staff members organized a trip to a local gym for a spin class.


They boys were really excited to try something new. They were challenged physically, but like true CCBS Bears, they didn’t give up.


After the event ended, we asked several of the boys what they thought about the experience. Did they learn any thing new about themselves?


Cherokee Creek Boys School at Spin ClassHere are some of their answers:

– (What did you learn that was new?) There are a lot of ways to be active. (What did you learn about yourself?) It can still be fun even if you aren’t really going anywhere. (What did you think about the overall experience?) I want to do it again.

James – (What did you learn about yourself) I found out I enjoy pushing myself. (What did think about the overall experience?) It was fun.


Scott – (What did you learn about yourself) Spin is harder than real biking. (What did you think about the overall experience?)I thought it was pretty good.

Cherokee Creek Boys School attends Spin Class

Lars – (What did you learn about yourself) I can bike. (What did you think about the overall experience?) I would do it again.


We have a great group of boys at Cherokee Creek Boys School that continue to push their limits mentally, emotionally, and physically. In addition to burning off a lot of stored up energy that teenage boys have, they also had the opportunity to build their confidence by trying something new, and being successful with completing the challenge.
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Summer Cross Training Season Races On!

Jacob C represents Cherokee Creek Boys Boarding School at a local high school track meet.Cross Training season has officially begun and we are proud to announce that Cherokee Creek Boys School is moving forward with an official team!

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the coaches that will be undertaking this summer season with the boys. The coaches for the team will include April Payne and Andrew Stevenson.

April is in her inaugural year at Cherokee Creek and is excited to bring to our school her passion for running, fitness, and teaching healthy habits. She began running during middle school track, and has gone on to run multiple half marathons.  April recently completed the Disney Marathon in a time of 4:12. She is currently training to become a strength and conditioning specialist.

Andrew is in his third year coaching Cross Country at CCBS. He has truly been impressed watching the impact that fitness has had on the growth and personal enrichment for each of the students.

We will be developing a contract to outline the expectations of each team member. The expectations will detail bothCCBS team at Color Run starting line the mental and physical barriers that all runners struggle with, and how we expect team members to cope and overcome these challenges.

The students have responded very well to training thus far and we are excited to be more intentional about training, quantifying results, and defining success. We will be updating families, primaries, and therapists on the progress. We’ve created a series of benchmarks to provide measurable progress and we will be continuing to track and challenge students to strive for personal improvement.
Boys Boarding School Cross Country

Our coaches are convinced that cross training will incorporate student-specific challenges and reinforce a lifestyle of fitness and healthy choices. We plan to provide a safe and quality program that is both challenging and fun. The team is excited to see what they can accomplish. As students develop their skills, we’re confident that the summer success will transfer to other sports and activities they will participate in.

We believe that participating in individual sports are a great way to have important core values such as personal accountability and accomplishment instilled into the boys. Here’s to a great summer cross training season!

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EARTH TREK (CCBS Father-Son Trek – Summer 2015)

For the third time, Lake Jocassee in Devil’s Fork State Park served as a gorgeous backdrop to our Father-Son Trek. The three Father-Son Trek Summer 2015Cherokee Creek Boys Boarding Schoolnights and four days were nowhere near enough time to take in all of the spectacular scenery that Jocassee offers. However, it was the perfect amount of time for some unique father and son bonding.

Day one of our Summer 2015 Father-Son Trek consisted of setting up camp and a crash course in kayaks. There was also a new twist with a friendly game of “Ultimate Wilderness Survival”. We could all feel our survival ratings rise with this new-found knowledge!

Father-Son Trek Summer 2015Cherokee Creek Boys Boarding SchoolDays two and three brought with them a couple of outdoor adventure opportunities. One was paddling through open water to a beautiful white sandy beach for swimming and lunch and the other was a relaxing pontoon ride to natural waterfalls for exploring, swimming and some great fishing. Luckily for us the fish were ready and willing to strike during our stay at Jocassee!

Whether it was laughing around the campfire, soaking up the sun on a warm sandy beach, or paddling a kayak in wide open water, this Father-Son Trek offered us the opportunity to find out what is real and true about ourselves and the world around us. Just ask any father who has taken the time to participate and he will surely tell you that there is just something special about these Father-Son Treks.


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