Soccer Practice Commences

The colorful cleats are arriving daily and soccer practice has begun in earnest for the Cherokee Creek Bears. Coaches Jireh Yepassis-Zembrou, Ryan Natale and Drew Bowers have been conducting practices twice weekly to prepare for the 8 games scheduled in September. See the schedule below for game times and hope to see you there. Go Bears!

Hard at work!

Tues Sept 3 — 7:30 at Gignilliat Field v. Seneca McCarley

Thurs. Sept 5 — 8:00 at Nettles Field v. Clemson

Tues. Sept. 10 — 6:30 at Gignilliat Field v. Seneca Robertson

Thurs. Sept. 12 — 7:00 at Pickens Field v. Pickens

Tues. Sept. 17 — 7:30 at Hall St. (Westminster) Field v. Whetstone

Thurs. Sept. 19 — 7:30 at Sertoma Field v. Walhalla Villegns

Tues. Sept. 24 — 7:30 at Hall St. Field v. Westminster

Thurs. Sept. 26 — 7:30 at Sertoma Field v. Walhalla Marcengill

Andrew stretches like a pro.

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Soccer Season Schedule

Official games start this evening and Cherokee Creek Boys School would like to invite all parents available to travel to the area to join us in the cheering section.

Zach goes in for a slide tackle in a recent scrimmage

The directions to all the fields can be found using an online search. Sertoma Field is in Walhalla,  Gignilliat Field is in Seneca, Fair Oak is in Fair Play, and Pickens is in the town of Pickens, and Nettles Field is in Clemson, SC.

Hope to see you there!

Thurs., Sept 6th — 6:30 p.m. at Gignilliat Field

Tues., Sept 11th — 8 p.m., at Pickens Field

Tues., Sept. 18th — 8 p.m. at Nettles Field

Thurs., Sept 20th — 7:30 p.m. at Sertoma Field

Mon., Sept 24th — 7 p.m., at Fair Oak field

Thurs., Sept 27th — 8 p.m., at Nettles Field

Mon., Oct. 1st — 6:30 p.m. at Gignilliat Field

Tues., Oct. 2nd — 7 p.m. at Nettles Field

Thurs., Oct. 4th — 7:30 p.m. at Sertoma Field

Nick shows great form -- and dance moves -- on the field

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Soccer Practice Begins

Soccer practice is well underway with Coach Josh and Coach Yanic at the helm of this year’s Bear team. The competition for most unique pair of cleats has also begun. Does anyone else remember when the choices for soccer cleats were black with white stripes and black without any stripes?

Go Bears!

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Bears Victory!

Jimmy warms up for the net before the season's first game. His efforts paid off last night in overtime.

The Bears accomplished a 6-5 victory in overtime last night to have their first win of the season and the first win ever in a tournament game. Congratulations to all of the boys and to the coaches for their outstanding efforts! Note the student summary and quotes below describing the experience. They are over the moon – and truly recognize the value of teamwork!

Last night’s game summary provided by Student Contibuter Kevin:
At 8:00 the soccer tournament started. It was wet from a passing shower. Early in the match Cole scored from a corner kick. 1-0. Before half the other team scored. 1-1. Rick scored a goal bringing it up 2-1. Then the other team brought another goal, 2-2, then it was overtime. In the first 5 minutes it was 3-2 to us. After the full overtime it was 3-3. Time for penalty kicks (PK’s). Our goalie, Jimmy, blocked 4 before getting us 1. The first PK score: 4-4. In a second round of PK’s Sam D. and James scored while the opposing team only got one. This was it. The last shot. We block it, we win…They score, PK round 3. We were all shaking off nerves.

They kick. Jimmy blocks it. We won! We all run on the field and celebrate. We dump the cooler of Gatorade on coaches new vest and polo. The night was one of the best ever! Everyone gave 110% and it payed off!

Tournament Round 2 is Tuesday!

Student Statements:
“We did really great, we did really well. Even though the other team only had 9 people, they played well, too. It was a good game.” -Hudson

“We were persistent and we had lots of spirit!” -Cory

“It was exceptional. We all hustled. We had an amazing game.” – Kevin

“I thought we were going to loseabout 10 times. It was stressful when we had to do the PK’s.” – James (James scored the fianl penalty kick to make the score 6-5)

“I was very surprised we won. We all played superb. I want to congratulate everybody on their efforts.” – Jimmy

“It was an amazing game. It was an epic game. We had the best teamwork we’ve ever had.” – Spencer

“Good teamwork pays off!” – Cole

“It was a very good game and we had great teamwork and effort.” – Tommy Br.

“I think it was a fantastic game and we had great sportsmanship.” – Alexander

“It was a fantastic game with 10 PK’s in total and we had great teamwork.” – Dain

“It was an awesome game. It was sweet. I believe if Jimmy was not in the goal, we wouldn’t have done so well. He is straight up athletic. Coach gave the player of the game to everyone, but it really belonged to Jimmy because he saved us with those PK’s. I’m looking forward to the next game and using the same ideas and teamwork. The communication on the team is getting better. When everyone was passing we were using names. It’s really important.” – Rick

“I am really excited that we are going to another tournament game. My dad was really excited on our phone call this morning. Everybody did a great job, but especially Jimmy on the last block of the game.” – Mike T.

“I feel this is something out of a storybook because we played the same team earlier and lost. And now we’ve come back and beat the team in double overtime shooting PK’s.” – Sam K.

“I was ecstatic! We all played a good game.” – Michael H.

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2011 Soccer Season Kicks Off!

With last night’s first soccer game of the season, the Bears are off to a great start! With several team members on Trek, the players who took the field last night had to play the entire 60 minutes with only half-time for a break! They played with incredible heart while staff cheered from the stands and coaches Josh Ward and Chris Leamons lead the team from the sidelines. Speaking of team leaders…Cole did an excellent job serving as the team’s captain for this game. The team did take a 6-0 loss for the evening despite the fearless and incredible efforts of Jimmy in the net and Loucas on defense. Sam also turned in an awesome performance playing offense, giving us our best opportunities to go for the goal.

This was a really strong start for the season! We are looking forward to the next game on Monday. Check out the slideshow below. Go BEARS!

[cincopa AUOAyu6kmVf8]

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